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MALA: New Committee / New Plans

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

We are delighted to announce that three new committee members have joined MALA: Iqbal Mohammed, Sushma Kotecha and Sandeep Sandhu, all practicing lawyers from the Midlands. MALA is excited by the addition of new members and has planned a busy year ahead in 2019.

The new committee at the Mala ball in November 2018

MALA has seen great success in organising many events in Leicester and Birmingham over the years, especially its legendary Annual Ball held at Athena. To build on this success, MALA has decided to develop a new outreach programme. It will focus on high schools and colleges, designed to open up and demystify the legal profession to those from BME backgrounds in state schools.

These programmes will be developed and run at no cost to schools or colleges, funded by MALA and delivered by solicitors and barristers for free, by donating their time to help widen access and interest in the legal profession.

To celebrate this new milestone, MALA intends to invite a member of the judiciary to be our President, enhancing the already warm relationship between the association and the judiciary; many judges have honoured us as guest speakers at our events and we are delighted to receive their continued support.

To complement our new president, the committee has elected its founding member Ranjit Thaliwal as its Vice President; Kirshna Kotecha as its Treasurer and Priya Bakshi as Secretary.

We very much hope to see you in 2019 at one of the many events we have planned.



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