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 Highlights of the Ball 


MALA loves its food and goes to great lengths to pick the very best dishes from the very best caterers we can find. For the last few years, our caterers have been Sanjay Foods and we have loved very dish! MALA specifically picks the dishes for each ball and has to taste well over 30 varieties of Indian food to pick the canapés, starters, mains and desserts. We pretend this is a huge burden but can't wait for it every year!

At the MALA ball, guests are served a selection of starters on their tables, followed by a selection of mains. Desserts are served for each guest.

Without doubt the culinary experience sets apart MALA from other legal events.

If this is making you hungry, enjoy going looking at our 2019 Ball Menu.



MALA loves music and dancing. Let's face it law socials can get a bit dull; never the Annual Ball though, its always filled with entertainment and dance. MALA always finds local talent to showcase their dance moves on Athena's huge stage.

Over the years, we have had modern dancers from local dance troupes, bangra, kathak, classical dance and many more.

A feature of our entertainment is that it involves audience participation! Guests are always invited to try some Indian dance moves on the dance floor and usually a large number end up dancing like Bollywood backing dancers! 

At the end of the night, the dance floor opens up until late, with the very best DJ belting out a vibrant mixture of mainstream music, Indian, bangra, club classics and of course, dance pop.



MALA loves dressing up! Of course, most balls and dinners involve a dress and a tuxedo, but how many involve glitzy Asian dresses! Bangles, saris, lengas, tunics, shirwanis, bindis, kajol and these are just the Indian words one of the gents on the committee knows! 

Guests from all walks of life and from all backgrounds wear the most beautiful and colourful outfits, just once a year and genuinely pull it off; a legitimate Asiana bride for any seasons. That's just the male solicitors!

Of course, Asian clothing is not a must; guests can come in black tie and ball gowns as they like! 

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