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MALA strongly believes in giving back to the local community and the Annual Ball is designed to raise money focharity through both ticket sales and fund-raising such as auctions, raffles and other activities at the ball.

Every year, MALA chooses one or  two local charities as partners and raises money in their support. As of 2019, MALA has raised and donated almost £60,000 to charities based in the Midlands area.

In 2018, MALA raised over £7,500 for The Laura Centre in Leicester and in 2019, MALA raised over £8,000 for True Honour and Midland Langar Seva Society.

MALA itself is also a charitable organisation run through volunteering and self-funding.

This is both a testament to the generosity of our guests, lawyers and sponsors, but also to the founding purpose of the Annual Ball: to celebrate diversity and support local charities.

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