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MALA BALL & Events

The MALA Ball has been held every year since 2005, making it one of the longest running minority events in the legal calendar, if not the longest running! Every year a professional photographer takes thousands of pictures of the night and we are never quite sure what to do with these pictures the morning after! 

Hitz Rao, MALA's commissioned photographer has been an institution of the Ball for many years and he is both approachable and extremely talented. He deserves full credit for his excellent work.

To celebrate our 14th Annual Ball in 2019, we have dug out our old files and uploaded the pictures we could find for you to see below. Many guests have their pictures taken and if you have done, please click the album below and then the guest's portraits folder to see how you've changed over the years! 

All guests pictures can be easily downloaded or shared. If for any reason you would like a picture removed from our galleries, please contact us.

MALA hopes to publish every year's photos here so please do come back for more.

Additionally, MALA publishes pictures it takes as its social events and seminars on its news page and also in the gallery below.

Copyright: MALA holds the copyright to all pictures on this website and gallery; individuals are free to download, use or share these pictures for private purposes but use by organisations or for commercial purposes is not permitted. If you would like to use our pictures commercially or for business purposes, please contact us.

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