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MALA Founder Appointed Judge

Amar Mehta, one of the founding members of MALA in 2004, has been appointed as a Judge of the First-tier Tribunal and will be known as Judge Mehta. MALA is proud and delighted to learn of Judge Mehta's appointment and his assignment to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber.

Amar Mehta was a committee member of MALA for over 10 years and organised its flagship Annual Ball. Amar has the accolade for both establishing the ball and making it a huge success in the Midlands, for which MALA will always remain grateful.

He served as vice chair of MALA's committee until he stepped down in 2015.

Judge Mehta's appointment an incredible personal achievement for him but also for the community of Midlands Asian Lawyers, of which MALA is very proud.

For the official announcement from the Judiciary click here.


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