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Countdown to the MALA Ball

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

The Athena is getting ready, MALA is getting ready...

We hope you're getting your dresses and suits ready, the Annual Ball is now a week away!

MALA will be holding a raffle draw and silent auction to raise money for its chosen charity, True Honour. MALA and True Honour held a seminar this year looking at honour-based violence, which was a huge success and raised awareness amongst lawyers and the police. It was one of the very best seminars MALA has been involved with and no doubt it made a big impact.

True Honour was founded by Sarbjit Athwal, whose marriage bound by strict adherence to a code of honour which led to the murder of a young mother of two. Her experience let her to set up True Honour with its mission:

to engage with Police and Agencies to help gain a better understanding of victims, to meet the needs of South Asian Communities by providing training and raising awareness on hidden abuse, and by supporting them in a safe and an empowering way.

MALA has a proud history of raising money for local causes; last year guests donated over £7,500 for The Laura Centre in Leicester. We hope that guests will support us and support the great work done by True Honour.

Take a look below at he prizes on offer!

MALA Annual Ball Raffle Draw Prizes (tickets sold on the night at each table)

MALA Annual Ball Silent Auction Prizes (conducted on the night)


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